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The Dragons class is for Children 4-6 years old. The Ninja's class is for Children 6-8 years old.

The Dragons are 4-6 years old. Their program covers Life, social and safety skills such as fire, first aid, home, traffic, weather and stranger danger skills. Balance, listening, discipline, memory, cooperation life skills, as well as martial arts "Basics" to include blocks, kicks, punches strikes, and tumbling with Martial Arts skills! They perform tests and receive single striped belts upon promotions from yellow to single black stripe as well as acheivement patches and belt stripes! The Ninja's are 6-8 years old, and their class consists of  mat chats with life skills, followed by warm ups, both challenging and exciting,  They work on martial arts drills and skills, they will be working on martial arts "basics, and required f"orms" as they prepare for a smooth transition into the Childrens Beginner Class ages 9-13. Their belts will have two rank stripes per level, yellow thru black! they are also eligible for acheivement patches and belt stripes.

Instructors:SHEADON JERMANSeth LeeCam HaydenTygan ChinGRACE ANDRADETiffany MacLeanSHELBY JERMANMike O'Handley sr.

Class Hours:

5:00pm-5:45pm 5:00pm-5:45pm

Dragons and Ninja's together during some portions and seperate during the main body of the class to work on their age specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.