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We host the best Birthday Parties for up to 25 Children!

We can do the whole thing from invitations, to decorations and cake, or if you choose, we will simply provide one awesome hour of Karate building skills that can include board breaking and complimentary gift bags for all. We will provide enough tables and chairs for your guests. Please contact the studio @ 508-823-5600 or see a staff member at the main desk to book your special occasion today! Party's are open to the general public as well!

Instructor:Mike O'Handley sr.

Class Hours:


To find out just how much fun we have just ask: John Patrick Feeney, Liam Mulvey, Ian Gingras, Nicholas Morgan, Jacob Pires,Dylan Schrama, Chris Colburn, Kyle Rego, Justin Ringuette, Jacob Kirk, Andrew Zucker, Matthew Pond, Robert Maher, Andrew Besse, Luke Michajlov, Nylan Raggiani, Brooke & Lindsey Spina,Leslie Griffith, Colleen Travis, Jacob Caron, Jason Lowder,Eric & Ben Faith, Sophie and Sam Perry, Cam Johnson, Ethan Durang, Aidan Donahue, Rhys Chin, William Parker, Alyssa Kirk, Matthew and Michael Berube, Michael Thomase, Kelsey Smith, David Carter, Lilly Moran, Madison Coelho, Maggie Cox Hailey Stasiuk, Matthew Letourneau, Nate Leger Colin MacDougal, Tatum Lemaire, Kathryn Mercadante, Sarah Pond, Shaynah Jerman or Nick Ingargiola!! We can do the whole thing from invitations to thank-you's or just a one hour class and provide tables and chairs for your set-up! Host receives an Honorary" BLACK BELT and Certificate! Call or visit the office to reserve YOUR's Today.