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This class is for Red thru all Jr. Black Belts.

All classes are open to both Advanced and Jr. Black Belts, red thru all levels of jr. Black. The class consists of life Skills mat chats Cardio drills, Martial arts basics, Forms and self defense techniques. Their requirements are expanded as they move closer to Adult Black Belt. When their age and or maturity is sufficient, they are allowed to participate in the Adult classes. From Jr. Black Belt they generally will flow into an Adult Brown Belt level. Jr. Black Belts are considered Adult Black Belt Apprentices. When Students are promoted into the Advanced class, they are considered Student Role Models and are given the opportunity to enter the Jr. Leader Program where they learn to become Junior Leaders, Junior Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Instructors.

Instructors:SHEADON JERMANTiffany MacLeanTygan ChinStuart ParzyckMike O'Handley sr.

Class Hours: