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Instructor Name:Jeff Besse

5th. DEGREE BLACK BELT MASTER / SENIOR INSTRUCTOR, American Kenpo, Blue Belt Director in ETKK Jiu Jitsu/ Submission Grappling MMA.


Other Information:Jeff has began his training at ETKK in Feb. 2005. He was tested by Prof. Mike OHandley and was promoted to First Degree Black on November 9th. 2008. He has also received a Blue Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jeff has successfully completed his Instructor training and Certification program, On October 10th. 2010 He was tested again by Prof. Mike OHandley and was promoted to 2nd. Degree Black . He has also received a Blue Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu., and is the director of the Grappling program @ ETKK. He trained @ ETKK w/Dedeco, Dave Jacobs (owner of Best Way Jiu Jitsu in Rockland) and Bobby Diaz,(a professional MMA fighter). He is presently Teaching in the Monday , Wednesday and Saturday Classes. and is a member of the ETKK testing board, and is a certified Tournament Judge/official. Six of Jeff's grappling students participated in their first tournament on 5/23/2010, three received first place and three received second place trophies! He has done an excellent job with the kids and we are extremely pleased to have him on our team! On October 6th. 2012 he was "floor" tested by Master Mike O'Handley for his Third degree Black Belt, he had pinpoint accuracy and incredible power with speed! He is certified in Adult, Child and Infant First Aid, CPR / AED by the American Heart Association. I am extremely pleased with his performance, Knowledge, Skill, ability, and most of all, his Loyalty.Jeff was promoted to 4th. Degree in April of 2015, after a grueling Floor test, which is not required after 3rd. but he insisted, as did Jayma and Kate. Outstanding team!! For his theory and knowledge project for 5th. Black, he was asked to develop a requirement book for beginners, also Intermediate and Advanced level Adults depicting rules and Principals of American Kenpo Karate. We have always had, Basics, Forms and techniques, thanks to Mr. Besse, we now have required knowledge per level. Outstanding living document. Jeff Floor tested on April 7th. 2018 and was promoted to the rank of 5th. Degree Black Belt with high honors. His execution and performance was above my expectations! My thanks to Stuart Parzyck and John Botello for volunteering their bodies during the attacks, they pushed him right to the edge. Presently we have endorsed his Beginner level "Rules, Principals and Concepts" guide / manual and is in use. The Intermediate level is in review. These were sent to Rich Hale for a second opinion and he also approved the work presented by Master Besse.