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Instructor Name:Tiffany MacLean



Other Information:Tiffany has been with us for about 14 years now. Starting in the Dragons class and moving through the Children s classes, through the Jr. Black Classes and into the Adult Class after an outstanding 8th. degree Jr. Black Belt Test (the highest level for Children) she made an easy transition into Adult 1st Degree Brown Belt with about 7 months to prepare for Adult Black Belt!! She was promoted to First Degree Brown Belt in December 2012. She did awesome, we are very proud of you Tiffany! She works hard and is a great asset to our team! She is certified in Adult, Child and Infant First Aid, CPR / AED by the American Heart Association. She tested with five other candidates in the Spring 2013 Black Belt test directed by Prof. Mike OHandley, and passed with power and accuracy!, we are all very proud of her. She was promoted to 2nd. by Professor Mike in April of 2015, amazing power and accuracy! I am very proud of you!!