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Instructor Name:Shaynah Jerman

2nd. Degree Black Belt Instructor


Other Information:My Niece Shaynah! Started with her family here in September of 2010 in our Dragon's program and has worked very hard to get to be asked to join the Jr. Leader program! Shaynah has been active on the tournament team and the Demo Team. She is also an excellent role model for her younger brother Sheadon & sister Shelby as well as our Ninja's and Dragons! She can be found assisting with her Uncle Mike and Shelby! Shaynah was promoted to 5th. Degree Jr. BLACK BELT / Assistant Instructor on 11/15/14. She has gained so much self confidence it won't be long before she will be running the classes! Uncle Mike is very proud of you and our family!! After 5 weeks of Black Belt candidate evaluations, Shaynah was approved to move forward into our October 2016 Black belt test. After 5 grueling hours, please join me in Congratulating Shaynah, 1st. Degree Black Belt! It has been two years since her last Black Belt test. She has worked and trained consistently and has perfected her curriculum as well as her Teaching Skills! Two of her most recent "students" were her Dad and her Brother" she worked with them both in class and at home to help them complete the grueling 6 tests to first degree Black Belt! It was a wonderful occasion to see them all test together and be successful! Our Black Belt test is not a free bee, never has. We have turned some away, however, each of them has returned in six months and passed...I believe in the "Never give up" attitude.Congratulations!