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Instructor Name:Cam Hayden



Other Information:Cam has been with us for about 10 years now. He has been on the tournament and demo team, he attends all our camps and has shown dedication and loyalty to his Studio family and Instructors! He was promoted to 8th. Degree Jr. Black Belt during the August 2012 Summer BOOT Camp, where the team underwent some serious training! He was promoted to First Degree Brown Belt in December 2012. He did awesome! He passed all four of his Adult Black Belt pre tests in February and March of 2013 and he tested with five other candidates in the Spring 2013 Black Belt test directed by Prof. Mike O'Handley and passed with ease, we are all very proud of him! Cam was promoted to 2nd. by Prof. Mike in April of 2015 after a grueling test, great power and accuracy. I also noticed your teaching skills are improving...awesome work Cam!