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Instructor Name:Seth Lee



Other Information:Seth is an unbelievable source of energy and inspiration, always always always smiling sweating and training...he will certainly aspire to be someone very special someday! We are so pleased to have him! He is following a wonderful example set by his Sister Jaime (one of our Adult Brown Belts). Seth was active in our tumbling program and opened his last tournament weapons form with a back handspring! took an awesome 2nd. place in weapons forms in our 2013 Spring Tournament. He was promoted to 2nd. degree BROWN Belt in August of 2013, and 1st. Degree Brown Belt on 9/26/13 and I ordered his Jr. Black Belt right away because I knew it was going to happen! Seth tested for his Jr. Black Belt Dec. 26th, 2013 and smoked the show! Awesome intensity, we are all very proud of you! 3 months later he is at it again! Seth was promoted to 3rd. degree Jr. Black and title of Assistant Instructor on 4/26/14, then 4th. Then on 11/15/2014 he was promoted to 5th. Degree Jr. Black Belt! Amazing!! Seth was promoted to First Degree Adult Black belt after an amazing 6 week week test. He was proficient in knowledge skill and ability. After a meeting of the Black belt Advisers Board, he was voted unanimously, to be promoted to Adult Black Belt in American Kenpo! Seth floor tested on April 7th. 2018 and was promoted to second degree Black Belt.