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Instructor Name:Tygan Chin



Other Information:All I can say about Tygan is he is awesome! He stay's focused on detail. He has been just as serious as his brother Jaden, (one of our Adult Black Belts), except Tygan rarely fools around! He is all business and his forms and stances are unbeatable. He is 70 pounds of rock solid martial artist. He took first place in the 2013 Spring tournament in forms and weapons. He was promoted to 4th. degree on 2/27/2014. What an awesome Student and Instructor! During his 5th degree evaluation, it was noted that he also knew all of his 6th. degree material as well, in fact he was solid. I had to send another Black Belt to re evaluate that because in 14 years we have never seen this...Tygan tested on 4/26/14 and received the first double promotion in the history of ETKK, he has fully earned his 6th. degree Jr. Black belt...KIA! Still going...Tygan was promoted on 6/28/14 to 7th. Degree Jr. Black Belt! He is on track to be the first "Apprentice Black Belt" in our history due to his age!! Tygan was promoted to First Degree Adult Black belt after an amazing 6 week week test. He was proficient in knowledge skill and ability. After a meeting of the Black belt Advisors Board, he was voted unanimously, to be promoted to Adult Black Belt in American Kenpo! Tygan floor tested on April 7th. 2018 and was promoted to second degree Black Belt.