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Instructor Name:SHEADON JERMAN

1st.DEGREE BLACK BELT / Asst. Instructor


Other Information:I am very proud to say Sheadon is my Nephew! That said, only great things can come his way in the martial arts world! He follows closely on the path of his Sister Shaynah and is an awesome role model for his Sister Shelby!! They were all together in a demo at St. Bernadette Church in Freetown, on 9/29/2013 and they rocked! Sheadon started at East Taunton Kenpo Karate as soon as he was old enough! 9/21/2010 and has been in the Dragons / Ninja program, and is progressing really well thru the advanced Children s class! His intensity is scary, I think he, Seth Lee and Tygan Chin are the next XMA revolution at ETKK! They work hard to out do each other in intensity power and discipline. What else can I say? Sheadon entered the 90 day trial for the Jr. Leader program on 9/1 2013 right after receiving his promotion to Red Belt, and passed all levels. I see all good things in his future! Sheadon was promoted by Prof. to 1st. Degree Brown Belt on 12/4/2014 and his sights are set to catch his friends in the Jr. Black Belt class! Very proud of you Sheadon! He was promoted to Jr. Black Belt in March of 2015 by "Uncle Mike", I am very proud of you Sheadon, awesome test!! He was promoted to the highest level of Jr. Black Belt, 8th. degree, 1/26/2017, unbelievable! One of three ever to achieve this rank! Almost two years later, He was promoted to 1st. Degree Adult Black Belt, after a series of five two hour pre tests and one five hour final test! It was an honor to see him reach this milestone with his Dad and his Sister Shaynah, she was promoted to second degree, what an amazing family!