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Instructor Name:ROY JERMAN



Other Information:Please congratulate Roy on passing his Assistant Instructor evaluation and promotion to 3rd. degree Brown Belt on 10/30/16. It gives me immense joy to award Roy with his First Degree Black Belt, after training 3-4 classes per week and working at home consistently with his oldest Daughter Shaynah, (a first Degree Black Belt, and the reason he joined) as well as his Son Sheadon! It was a fabulous occasion to see the three of them test together, and succeed! He and Sheadon had five, two hour pre tests, then one five hour final test, in which one of the other Adult candidates, broke his hand trying to Block Roy's kick. I am sad to see that happen, however, I am proud to see the results of our conditioning drills, he has legs and arms like steel. I extremely proud of the Jerman family, I know Bruce and Shirley were present in spirit and their love reflects on us all.