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Posted By :    Danieladups
Posted :    1/17/2020
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Posted By :    Kathi Lee
Posted :    4/24/2019
Comments :    The first thing you will notice is that you feel like family from the very 1st time you walk through the door. Instructors are amazing and kid friendly. My girls look forward to their classes and I enjoy watching them. if you are considering signing your child up DO IT.
Posted By :    Meg Mulvey
Posted :    4/3/2017
Comments :    I love East Taunton Kenpo Karate. All four of my kids have been a part of this program throughout the last 18 years. While two of them moved on to other son Jim Mulvey and daughter Erin earned their Black Belts at ETTK. Erin still takes classes and is an assistant instructor. She will tell you her favorite day of the week is when she teaches the special needs class. Jim taught there for years but has to put karate aside for a while as he juggles two jobs and grad school. In my honest opinion, what they have learned at karate, and I am not talking about defense skills, though they have certainly learned those...have been those lessons involving character, integrity and hard work and humility. They certainly reinforced what we taught at home. I love this place!
Posted By :    Liliana Anderson  (
Posted :    4/3/2017
Comments :    I want to thank Mike O'Handley, Tiffany MacLean and Karen Trucchi for your big ❤️ and dedication ! I don't think you know who much you have influenced our family and specially in Hanna's life. Hanna has lost a lot of friendships because they didn't learn how to appreciated someone different and special. The few real people that loves her are the ones we care and that is why you guys and all East Taunton Kenpo karate are so special to us ! Ps: hanna is doing few impressive things here while standing in a uneven surface 😱 (for someone with dystonia is 10 times harder), doing her routine and caring less about the background noise 😨 ( I can't stand it my self sometimes to be honest ) Thank you guys ❤️ Sent from my iPhone
Posted By :    Kathryn Mercadante
Posted :    12/23/2016
Comments :    I love this school so much! I wouldn't be where I am or the person I am today without it.My family means so much to me there, and the people I've met there mean more to me than anything else. I have an amazing group of friends there right now, you know who you are. Thank you Professor for creating amazing instructors that make me want to be there all the time. Thank you all
Posted By :    Jaileen Hopkins  (
Posted :    9/5/2016
Comments :    Not just karate but family!
Posted By :    Zachary Hopkins
Posted :    9/5/2016
Comments :    Best karate school ever I love it right
Posted By :    LESLIE E SABEN  (
Posted :    6/12/2016
Comments :    My daughter has been at Kempo Karate for well over a year now and I want to say that it was the best move I have ever made. This karate studio has not only taught my daughter patience, respect, and control, but thanks to the professionalism of the staff and the kindness of Mike, my daughter has more self esteem than she ever did! Thanks Mike, you and your team are the best!
Posted By :    Heba Farahat  (
Posted :    2/21/2016
Posted By :    Karen Murphy
Posted :    1/22/2016
Comments :    Hi Mike, I just have to tell you how much I enjoy watching Jason at Karate, especially his tests. My parents were there and said the same thing too. They were beaming proud when we left last night. I wish he loved school as much as he loves going there! Thanks to you and your staff for caring for these kids. I'm looking forward to you getting Max in the spring. He's going to be one powerful kid!
Posted By :    Chris Jones
Posted :    3/9/2014
Comments :    Although this happened a month ago it is important. Tommy breaks his first board. Why is this important? Those of you who know anything about this moment understand. Tommy never broke a board before in his life (he was celebrating his 7th b-day). In fact he had only seen boards broken by stomping...not hammer fist. Kudos to E.T.K.K. and Professor Mike O'Handley for two things...building enough trust and confidence in the big man to not care that he hadn't done this before. T breaks the board in three pieces and wipes his hands as if...I knew I could do it all along. Nice job T-Man. Too bad I cut the video as you turned and put both arms in the aire and started cheering. Confidence...action...success...celebration!
Posted By :    Meri
Posted :    1/30/2014
Comments :    Three days after a traumatic end to a lengthily abusive relationship my sister took me to ETKK to sign up for the Woman’s Self Defense class. I walked away after a six week program with a sense of self I never seemed to have had before and knew I was hooked. It has been a difficult, exhausting, thrilling, enlightening and challenging year and a half of training but as I was handed my Green Belt Test Invitation I knew that the decision to continue was the best choice I could have ever made for the betterment of me. I can’t thank the staff or my fellow students enough for all that I have gained in their company. I know I still have a long road to travel but I look forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead.
Posted By :    Chris Jones
Posted :    11/15/2013
Comments :    ETKK teaches more than just the art and science of Kenpo! They understand values, dedication, self confidence, and self discipline. Sign your kids or yourself up for a great experience."
Posted By :    Stephanie Gallinger
Posted :    5/24/2013
Comments :    I truly agree there is something VERY special about you, your staff and business. I am so thankful we're becoming a part of your "family". Stephanie
Posted By :    Michelle Kirk
Posted :    5/24/2013
Comments :    I firmly believe that the two of them being involved in martial arts has kept them on the right path. As a single parent it is truly valuable to have strong role models and support of the values I am teaching them.
Posted By :    Kelly Moreno
Posted :    5/7/2013
Comments :    "A HUGE THANK YOU TO EAST TAUNTON KENPO KARATE for hosting such a fun family day today in honor of my cousins Patrick and Jessica, they each lost their left legs in the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I left feeling overwhelmed with emotion from the generosity of people at this event today, most were people I had never even met before. Todays event raised over$6,000 that is AMAZING!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Brianna, Evan Jimmy the list goes on OMG TY!
Posted By :    KIM BUSA
Posted :    1/5/2013
Comments :    I've been meaning to tell you how impressed I was at the adult test last month....I love the way you ended it....very moving! Thanks for all you do....Nick is really enjoying his experience at ETKK! Kim
Posted By :    Myles F. Durkin
Posted :    1/1/2013
Comments :    Thank you Mike. As you know its teacher's job to bring out the best in a student. You stepped up to the task and gave when there was nothing left to give. You, and the qualities you have allowed you to go even further. We do this because we love it and the rewards we get from it are not always tangible. This note from you adds greatly to the comfort I feel from being an instructor in the martial arts and dealing with super people like yourself and the students you guide. I can't always say good things about all martial artists, but I can of you. You are one of the few who are deserving of trust, respect, and appreciation. Keep on going. Say hi to all for me. Bow, Myles.
Posted By :    Stuart Parzyck
Posted :    1/1/2013
Comments :    Sir, It is alway good to see that people outside the school see the benefit that you have provided over the years. It is a honor to be associated with the school and all people that train again thanks for the guidance you provide Stuart Parzyck
Posted By :    John Botelho
Posted :    12/25/2012
Comments :    Merry Christmas Professor! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've done for our family. The positive influence you've made on our lives will have an impact on the kid's development into responsible, caring adults. I'm also thankful for the impact kenpo has had on my life as an adult student. I'm looking forward to a new year and new challenges. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season. John
Posted By :    Ryan Pimental
Posted :    12/25/2012
Comments :    THE test was awsome.Thank You for teaching and passing on your knowledge.I cant beleive i have been training at your dojo,for already a year.It has been great.Im getting alot of training from you,that i did not from the marines,yes i said it.They did not focus much on hand to hand offense and defense,at least while i served.I heard they do now though.Which is smart.Hopefully its kenpo.Im looking forward to anouther great year of training.Again thankyou and see you all monday.
Posted By :    Erin Mulvey
Posted :    12/20/2012
Comments :    if any one out there is looking for a karate school to go to GO TO ETKK i have been here almost 9 years and have seen many people come here from other schools to have a better experience and a better time doing it
Posted By :    Alyssa Kirk
Posted :    12/20/2012
Comments :    I love this place!!!! i have made so many friennds here and im proud to say that i amnow a 1st degree jr. black belt. Happy 13
Posted By :    Sensei Jeff Besse
Posted :    12/16/2012
Comments :    Happy Birthday and thank you Sir – for everything you do: all the classes you prepare for and organize, all of the opportunities you provide for growth, all of the knowledge you share, all of the collaboration you encourage, all of the support you provide, the encouraging atmosphere you foster, etc. The list goes on. 13 years of success is tremendous, especially considering that the average time span students stay with it is extremely high. As you once said, we build life skills at ETKK. I am proud to be part of that tradition.
Posted By :    Grand Master Tony Cogliandro
Posted :    12/16/2012
Comments :    Let us all congratulate Mike OHandley for the 13 year anniversary of his school- East Taunton Kenpo Karate. Thirteen years of teaching quality – Ed Parkers American Kenpo. One of the longer accomplishments in American Kenpo International for a studio! Sincerely, Tony Cogliandro
Posted By :    Christine Maclean
Posted :    12/16/2012
Comments :    Congrats!! its no surprise that after 13 years you are still going stronger then ever... Its such a wonderful place to learn Karate!! We're soo happy to be a party of it!!!!! ~Chrissy
Posted By :    Dr.Len Brassard
Posted :    12/16/2012
Comments :    Mike, congratulations on the 13 years of service you, your studio and students have provided to the Taunton community. The positive impact you have made will certainly resonate throughout your community for many, many years to come. Your students are blessed to have you as an instructor. Best wishes to you as you celebrate this landmark. - Len Sr.
Posted By :    Mike Callahan
Posted :    12/16/2012
Comments :    When I run across a Boy Scout Eagle's Troop Leader, I always congratulate them...not just for the boy's efforts and success as a Scout but also for the the leader's efforts and success. I see no difference here. Thank you and congratulations to Professor, ETKK, and honors to Grand Master Ed Parker... for all your hard work and your successes and for the futures that will stand upon the foundations you build!
Posted By :    Erin Mulvey
Posted :    12/13/2012
Comments :    I have been going here for almost nine years and love every minute of it. my brother and i started here him 13 years when it first opened and me 9 years ago wow i dose not seem that long HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ETKK
Posted By :    Rich Feraulo
Posted :    10/31/2012
Comments :    Prof.......I am so glad that I attended the Reunion. I connected with many outstanding people and the presentation given by you and the other senior black belts was outstanding! This is a first class organization we belong too. Len Brassard was a terrific host.Hopefully weather won't be too bad tonight. rich
Posted By :    Deb Jones
Posted :    9/2/2012
Comments :    Mike.....thanks. It is sad for us to move and leave people we know and love. You and your family are great people and have done so much for the youth in the area - thanks! But we trust God is leading us here for good reason. We/Ry will miss you as well as he would really benefit from your coaching being the athlete that he is.....but who knows, maybe we will have the opportunity to connect again in the future. Thanks and see you later. Deb
Posted By :    Danielle Sears  (
Posted :    7/28/2012
Comments :    Truly a caring environment. The teachers really care about the children. Mike is truly amazing and takes the time to know each child as an individual.
Posted By :    The Moreno Family  (
Posted :    6/24/2012
Comments :    At first I was so skeptikal of my "cheerleader" of 8 years who is all of a sudden now a an inspiring "cage fighter" (as she hopes to be some day) ;-). She has blown my mind away in just a few short months she has progressed immensely! At the age of 11 Adara has found a passion in the skill/sport of Martial arts. I am so happy for that! But more so, I am so very pleased that our family has become apart of the ETKK family!! Etkk offers so many families the chance to bond at such amazing 'Family Events". Etkk is teaching my daughter respect, confidence, courage, fitness and most importantly how to be a great, young adult who is well rounded and full of skill and knowleddge for not only the sport but life in general. I am so happy that Adara chose your gym and the ETKK family! Thank you for all you do and your outstanding dedication!
Posted By :    Paula
Posted :    5/30/2012
Comments :    The "Women Only Self-Defense" Class was a GREAT experience! Please pass on my thanks to the 'attackers' as well ..... This course was awesome for not only the techniques but the confidence to prove to ourselves that we could use them if needed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Posted By :    Tiffany MacLean
Posted :    3/16/2012
Comments :    I fell loved here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Posted By :    Barney Coleman (
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    We are delighted with your last promotion well deserved. From all at High Street Kenpo Karate Academy who hope to travel to your studio in the near future. Love to all from the AKI, Ireland.
Posted By :    Rich Hale (
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike O'Handley for many years and hold him in the highest regard. He's an excellent martial artist who can both perform the art of American Kenpo and teach it as well. Having shared the mat with Mike I can personally attest to his skill and knowledge. Aside from being an excellent martial artist, Mike is an outstanding person, whom I’m very proud to have as a friend and brother in the art. His attentiveness and genuine concern for his students is unparalleled, which makes him not only a great teacher, but a great leader as well. I not only admire Mike O'Handley, but his entire family. A family which extends beyond his immediate family to include his students as well. Anyone who studies at Mr. O'Handley's school will not only have him there to lead the way, but will benefit through the instruction of many others who he's personally trained as instructors. Respectfully, Rich Hale 7th Degree Black Belt President, Ohana Kenpo Karate Association
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!:D I have been doing it for about 5 years now and have made great friends, got a 4th degree black belt, and alot of great times. If you/your child is looking for an awesome place to do karate you must come here!!! The staff is amazing, and you always come home smileing! Then in the summer instead of playing a game you through water balloons at eachother!! Everyome I know here has a blast. I highly recommend it!!! :D
Posted By :    Grand Master Tony Cogliandro
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    Michael, I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of you, this organization is growing with great black belts being produced and great black belts at the top - there is no looking back, thanks again for your loyalty and support all these years, I need you guys, you are my strength to keep moving on Sincerely, Tony Cogliandro
Posted By :    Larry Lagoon Gautreau
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    All I can say is "It's great place"
Posted By :    Shine Sadiang-abay Jerman
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    We had our daughter Shaynah's Birthday party at ETKK. The party was quite a blast.You did a great job! For once, it was the most stress-free kids' party we ever had. Plus Shaynah and all the kids had so much fun too!
Posted By :    Jody (
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    Everyone at East Taunton Kempo is so nice! They just started a ZUMBA class and the instructor is so nice. We all laugh so much, it's hard to tell if we're losing weight because of the ZUMBA or because of the laughing!! Fun time - come laugh with us!!! Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m., Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. and Friday at 9:30 a.m.
Posted By :    Angel Girvalakis
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    just wanted to say 'thank you' for all that you & your family have done for JT! He is starting to take pride in himself & stand up, not be afraid of life. He really needed an outlet. So glad we found you! Thank you so much and god bless all of you!
Posted By :    Meg Mulvey
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    Thank you for coming to Jimmy's tournament Mike. I know it means a lot to Jimmy. Training under you and watching what you do and seeing your dedication has played a part in this too. He was 3-0 yesterday. It was quite a day. Yes we are very proud of him, of what he is and what he does. Thank you Mike, Meg
Posted By :    Laura Graber
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    My husband and I are so grateful to ETKK for making such a positive difference in the lives of our children. My daughter attends Little Dragons, and is always teaching her younger brother the lessons she learns in karate. She reminds him to "never give up" and that "quitters never win"! It puts a smile on my face when I hear her quoting a teacher, and reminds me of how impressionable young children are. Having her enrolled in a program that teaches important life skills, such as responibility and sharing, and having other role models discussing safety ideas, is a wonderful way to augment all of the responsibilities that come with parenting. ETKK is a safe family friendly environment in which to learn. The O'Handleys are a caring, supportive family who are in this to change lives; not just to run a business. We couldn't be happier with our experinces at ETKK, and are most thankful to the O'Handleys for everything they have done for our family. We look forward to many more years with them.
Posted By :    Will Carpenter
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    I hope you guys have a great Halloween!
Posted By :    Laura Rafferty Graber
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    I have to share this story... TJ and Josie were sitting on the floor playing. TJ got frustrated and said, "Oh, I quit!" Josie then said, "But TJ, remember the creed? Winners never quit!" Thanks for making a difference in my childrens' lives, ETKK, and keep up the great work!
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